Carrier Australia is here with the Power of 8 to make your space exceptionally better. Welcome to an extraordinary experience with the Carrier XCT8 VRF range, our power-packed solution customized to deliver cooling and heating as per your requirements.

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High Efficiency & Low Operation Cost

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High Efficiency & Low Operation Cost

Open your spaces to greater energy efficiency and performance with the latest Carrier XCT8 range that is built with new and improved, highly efficient core technologies.

*Efficiency of Carrier XCT8 Heat Pump VRF

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Absolute Flexibility

The Carrier XCT8 range is designed to be the ideal VRF choice for your buildings with a free ODU combination pattern that not only delivers maximized efficiency, but also a minimized footprint. What’s more, it comes with a long piping length and lift for installation flexibility that suits your building’s design and optimizes installation costs.

Combination Flexibility

Free Combinations

3,000 combination patterns

Installation Flexibility

High Piping Lift


Long Piping Length

1,200m max


High Diversity

Max 200% combination ratio

Large Indoor Unit Lineup


Free Combinations*

The unit combination can be arranged to follow the installation site’s requirements.

A total of 3,000 combination patterns are available!

Combination examples for Carrier XCT8
Total 36 combinations for 44HP (132kW)

Standard (space-saving)
EER: 3.18
COP: 3.72

Increased heating capacity
EER: 3.19
COP: 3.41

Balance (moderate)
EER: 3.71
COP: 4.27

Balance efficiency
EER: 3.93
COP: 4.48

Balance (space-saving)
EER: 3.38
COP: 4.04

Highest efficiency
EER: 4.40
COP: 4.74

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Easy Troubleshooting*

Carrier XCT8 enables you to connect the link adapter to IDU or ODU for technician safety, comfort and time-saving convenience during service commissioning and maintenance in any weather condition.

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Large ODU Capacity*

A maximum of 120HP with a combination of 5 outdoor units.

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Broad Indoor Capacity Range

Different indoor unit types are available in capacities ranging between 0.9kW to 56kW

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Continuous Heating Technology

In a multi-module system, the Carrier XCT8 VRF delivers consistent heating even during external defrost operations. With the advanced Kobetsu and Renkei comfort control technology integrated into the heat pump, the indoor unit continues to operate with minimal capacity output reduction. This results in a constant stream of warm air to ensure maximum comfort.

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Compact Footprint*

Discover maximized space efficiency with the compact design of Carrier XCT8’s outdoor units. For example, a 24HP outdoor unit would consume a mere space of 1m2.

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Healthy Buildings Solutions

Experience enhanced health and well-being with Carrier XCT8’s DX AHU integration for fresher air and efficient filtration. This is enabled by a pairing of HEPA filter and UV Lamp.

PM 2.5 Filter

removes airborne pollutants up to 2.5 microns.

Air Purifier Kit &
Air Quality Indicator

Monitors PM 2.5 & PM 10 particles with integrated dust sensors.

UVC & HEPA Filter

Provides efficiencies of up to 99.97% and 99.997% with HEPA H13 and H14 applicable to even PM 0.3 particles.

Dust Sensor**

detects dust particles from PM 1.0.

Air Quality Indicator**

displays the room air quality in 4 color levels.

Resin-Coated Heat Exchanger

comes with a unique coating on the aluminum fin.

Plasma Air Purifier**

cleanses the air of PM 1.0 & PM 2.5 dust particles.

Pre filter

accumulates big dust particles.

*Applicable to Carrier XCT8 Heat Pump VRF

**The Air Purifier Kit is inclusive of a Dust Sensor, Air Quality Indicator & Plasma Air Purifier.

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