Carrier Thailand is here with the Power of 8 to make your spaces exceptionally better.

Welcome to an extraordinary experience with Carrier XCT8, our power-packed VRF solution customized to deliver cooling as per your needs.

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Industry’s Highest ODU Capacity

Industry’s Highest IDU Connections

Auto Refrigerant Charge

Refrigerant-Cooled Printed Circuit Board

Improved Indoor Air Quality

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Performance & Efficiency

Open your spaces to excellence with XCT8. Crafted to deliver optimized efficiency based on your unique needs, experience truly exceptional cooling with Carrier XCT8.

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Flexible Combinations

The flexible Carrier XCT8 comes with numerous options on efficiency, space and costing
all so you can choose combinations that work for your projects’ needs.

Free Condensing Unit Combinations

up to 4,000 possibilities

High Piping Lift

with a maximum capacity of 110 meters

Long Piping Length

of up to 1,200 meters

Improved Diversity

in combinations with a maximum of 200%

Multiple Units

21 different indoor unit types of 136 capacities ranging between 0.8 to 20 HP

Combination Examples

Total 69 combinations

Standard (space saving)
EER: 3.10
Width: 2,600 mm.

Balance (space saving)
EER: 3.95
Width: 3,610 mm.

Balance (moderate)
EER: 4.09
Width: 4,020 mm.

Balance efficiency
EER: 4.62
Width: 5,030 mm.

Max. highest efficiency
EER: 4.87
Width: 5,600 mm.

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Seamless Serviceability

Carrier XCT8 comes with a comprehensive service solution that ensures reliable unit
performance along with easy maintenance.

Self-Recording Mechanism

of system operations with the link adaptor

System Data Access

through the indoor unit using the link adaptor

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The Industry’s Highest
ODU Capacity

5 condensing unit connections
and 120 HP system capacity.

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The Industry’s Highest
IDU Connections

136 capacities ranging between 0.8 to 20 HP
in 21 different indoor unit types.

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Auto Refrigerant

Enjoy a hassle-free experience, easy installation,
and accuracy & reliability with refrigerant recharge.

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Reliable cooling at temperatures up to 52°C
for the inverter’s electronic parts.

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Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

This is made possible with Carrier XCT8’s DX AHU connectivity paired
with reliable HEPA filter and UVC lamp.

PM2.5 Filter

removes airborne pollutants up to 2.5 microns.

Air Purifier Kit &
Air Quality Indicator

has integrated dust sensors that monitor PM 2.5 & PM 10 particles.

UVC & HEPA Filter

with HEPA H13 & H14 providing efficiencies of up to 99.97% & 99.997% applicable to even PM 0.3 particles.

Dust Sensor*

detects dust particles from PM 1.0

Air Quality Indicator*

displays the room air quality in 4 colors levels

Resin-Coated Heat Exchanger

comes with a unique coating on the aluminum fin

Plasma Air Purifier*

cleanses the air of PM 1.0 & PM 2.5 dust particles

Pre filter

accumulates big dust particles

*The Air Purifier Kit is inclusive of a Dust Sensor, Air Quality Indicator and Plasma Air Purifier.

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